Hail and Welcome!

Since 1988, TAWN has been southeastern Arizona’s hub of Neo-Pagan, Heathen, and Polytheist communication and education. Understanding and good will among local Pagans/Heathens and between the Pagan/Heathen community and the general public is our goal.  We’ve worked for over two decades to build and maintain a spiritual, educational, and social network based on our respect for each other and a deep reverence for Nature.

Carol Garr is TAWN’s new ritual coordinator. She requests the help of the community to volunteer to lead one of our public rites, whether for traditional Sabbats or any other celebrations you wish to share. Dates, times, and locations can be arranged around your schedule. All respectful Pagan/Heathen traditions welcome. Whether you’re solitary, or in a coven, grove, or other group only competence and reliability are required. Please contact Carol directly at carol@garden-realty.com, phone, or FB messenger.


Happy Spring Equinox/Ostara/Eostre to all y'all in the Northern Hemisphere; may what you plant now grow into what you desire, with enough to share. And, to everyone celebrating Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, may your harvest be bountiful & joyous!

Upcoming, by way of our friends at Mystic Candles & Metaphysical, & Hearth's Gate Kindred...

Spring Fair & Eostre/Ostara Ritual

Join Mystic Candles & Hearth's Gate Kindred in celebrating the Spring Equinox! Visit our vendors, Tarot readers, & reiki practitioners. Hearth's Gate Kindred will have open hallows all day to make offerings, & will be providing information, demonstrations, & discussions on Paganism & Heathenry. The Eostre/Ostara Ritual begins at 4:30pm. The event is open to the public, & admission is free.

March 17, 2018 - March 17, 2018


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