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Cauldronluck Minutes

Cauldron Luck Minutes 24 Sept 2017

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Date: 24 September 2017             Time: 10:07 – 11:57              Location: La Madera Park
Written by: Collette Root, secretary pro temp
Names of Board Members present:        Coordinator- Raya Fand
                                                                        Treasurer- David Foster
                                                                        Member at Large- Collette Root (Secretary Pro Temp)
Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3
Members in attendance: 0
Guests in attendance: 0
Collette Root volunteered to try to be secretary with the support of the rest of the board. She began immediately. Bringing her up to speed, while necessary, caused the meeting to be as long as it was.
Treasury Report:
Fall Festival revenue discussed. Direct donations, bake sale, food bank, fall fest. T-shirts, Logo T-shirts amounts disclosed. More breakdowns and complete tally to be given at the Cauldronluck on October 8.
Outgoing operating costs discussed. We pay to the Arizona Corporation Commission for our state 501c3 status. Discussed storage locker costs and key locations. Discussed P.O. Box key holders and Collette was given a key and instructions to collect the mail a couple days before the Board and Cauldronluck meetings for disbursal’s at those meetings.
Points of Discussion:
Raya is working on restarting Tapestry and is looking for a editor. It was actively distributed 1990-2015. She plans on scanning old issues and would like to make CDs for sales. Possibilities as to how to make the issues a profit center were discussed as were ways to entice an editor and contributors.
Desired positions for the board and volunteer positions were discussed. For the board,  member at large  positions are open. For volunteer positions, an editor for Tapestry and an education coordinator/volunteer, and a ritual coordinator are desired. Raya will put a call out through our current public relations volunteer, Tish and webmistress Diana.
Discussed whether or not to have a spring festival. It was determined to be desirable. Advertising costs were discussed. More discussion to be forthcoming.
One of TAWN’s stated services to the community is providing rituals. Raya is heading up Samhain for this year. It is slated for 22 October tentatively at Ft. Lowell Park, ramada 7 if available. The need for volunteers to head up rituals for the rest of the year was discussed.
The next Board meeting will be at an irregular day so as to allow Raya time for Samhain ritual.