Cauldronluck Minutes


Date: 11 February 2018

Time: 11:06 – 11:30

Meeting Notifications via: e-mail, website, Yahoo


Names of Board Members present:

Coordinator: Raya Fand

Treasurer: Gannd- David Foster

Secretary Pro Temp/Member at large: Gwyn- Collette Root

Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3

Members in attendance: 4

Guests in attendance: 0


Secretary Report:

Gwyn distributed mail that was picked up to include:

Bank statement, and an ad for Upcycle Tucson


Treasury Report:

Gannd provided Information on the amounts in:

The bank of $380.40, cash box of $21, PayPal of $18, and deposits on hold at UUCT for festival of $150.

Raya is donating payment for the storage fee by using her credit card on an autopay.

Gannd paid the network fee. The network was renewed for 1 year with the legal account names under David & Patrick.


Coordinator Report:

Raya coordinated discussion on:

The public relations briefcase was shown and a movement was made to make it a policy that it have a location at each ritual and that the ritual host allow time for an announcement to be made by a TAWN representative.  This was approved unanimously. Underneath the heading of Articles a “Policy and Procedure” will include this information.


The $30 fee for the Peace Fair occurring at Armory Park on February 24 from 11-4 has been paid by Raya. We will have a booth there and Raya is willing to buy lunch for 2 volunteers that help to operate the booth. Please assist in this endeavor if you are able.


The Spring Equinox ritual will take place Tuesday March 20th at the UU church (4831 E 22nd St) with SAZCUUPS as unanimously agreed upon. Carol will lead the ritual there. We will meetup at 6pm and there will be a potluck afterwards.


Our participation in the Earthday event is not finalized.

A ritual host for Beltain is being sought.


We are looking at doing our Fall Fest and ritual in cooperation with SAZCUUPS this year. Gannd will be looking into the possibility of a fee waiver when he attends their board meeting.


Action List:

Raya- Continue to coordinate for the Peace Fair.

Gannd- Look into Fall Fest possibilities and continue treasury duties.

Gwyn-Complete the PR briefcase, get the mail, and complete the minutes.


The next Board meeting will be on 25 February 2018, 10am, at La Madera Park.

These minutes were approved on 17 February 2018.

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