Mother Earth Ministries needs volunteer!

Mother Earth Ministries, our local Pagan prison ministry, needs a new corresponding priest/ess to respond to inmate inquiries. Our current writing priestess must resign due to health issues, and our inmates count on being able to get answers to their religious questions. We are not pen pals. Good familiarity with Paganism needed, though there is time to research answers if required. Ashleen and I are always available to assist, too.

We have many informational brochures to send to answer general questions, and a form letter that can quickly be customized if that is all that is needed. Please contact Carol Garr (carol@garden-realty.com) or Ashleen O’Gaea (o.gaea4mem@comcast.net) for questions or to volunteer to help. You may also check out our web site http://MotherEarthMinistries.org to see more about us and view some of the literature available.

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