Cauldronluck Minutes



Date: 11 March 2018                       Time: 11:10 – 11:40          Meeting Notifications via: e-mail, website, Yahoo


Names of Board Members present:                Coordinator: Raya Fand

Treasurer: Gannd- David Foster

Secretary Pro Temp/Member at large: Gwyn- Collette Root

Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3

Members in attendance: 5

Guests in attendance: 2


Secretary Report:

Gwyn distributed mail that was picked up to include:

Bank statement, 2 return to senders, 1 miss-mail

Showed the membership briefcase as it will be when completed.


Treasury Report:

Gannd provided Information on the amounts in the bank, cash box, PayPal, and deposits on hold at UUCT for festival. The storage fee is being paid as a donation by Raya. Members can contact the treasurer for more treasury information.


Coordinator Report:

Raya brought forth for discussion,

Showed a “Benefits of TAWN” board to go along with the briefcase. It was suggested the line order of the benefits be reorganized.

Raya said that Diana told her that the Board Members are also moderators on our Yahoo page but she checked and found no privileges. Tish is the point of contact for the Facebook account.

Our spring ritual is set for Tuesday March 20 at the UU on 22nd street with an arrival time of 6pm. Carol will be leading this ritual.

We are still awaiting an answer on whether or not we will have a discount from the UU church for our Fall Festival that we are having jointly with CUUPS.

The desire to bring in some Native American groups to TAWN was discussed. Gannd said he might have a lead.

Earth Day is at the Children’s Museum on 21 April. We need some literature explaining how TAWN is connected with nature spirituality and possibly something on ecology.

Attendance at the Peace Fair was small but people did sign up for membership. Carol gave Raya a break from occupying the booth by herself.

Raymond announced a Spring Fair at Mystic Candle from 10-4. Hearth’s Gate Kindred will be hosting a ritual around 4 or A BBQ open pit will be available from 3:30-4:30.

Mother’s Ministries is looking for a replacement committed and reliable corresponding priest/ess to answer letters to inmates regarding religious inquiry.  Carol is the point of contact.


Action List:

Raya- Adjust the wording on the Benefits of Board.

Gannd- Send out new membership form to the board.

Gwyn-Finish the briefcase.


The next Board meeting will be on 25 March 2018, 10am, at La Madera Park.

These minutes were approved with comment on 25 March 2018.

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