Cauldronluck Minutes



Date: 10 June 2018

Time: 11:10 – 11:29

Meeting Notifications via: e-mail, website, Yahoo


Names of Board Members present:

Coordinator: April- Raya Fand


Secretary Pro Temp/Member at large: Gwyn- Collette Root

Quorum established: Yes/2 of 3

Members in attendance: 3

Guests in attendance: 2


Secretary Report:

Gwyn distributed mail that was picked up to include:

Wells Fargo, and Thomas Draney (marked not his address and returned to post office)

Asked about responses to minutes and was asked to resend the minutes for approval.


Treasury Report:

Gannd by phone stated no changes in the treasury.


Coordinator Report:

Raya brought forth for discussion 2018 Midsummer happening at UU Tuesday June 19 from 6-8pm. This one ritual helps 3 organizations to meet their requirements.

Lacie noted that she knows artists who may be able to work on the theme of “Elements of the Desert.”

Raymond dropped off a binder entitled “Tawn’s Membership and Volunteer Handbook,” 2nd edition, copy write 2010 which Gwyn took to peruse.


Action List:

Raya- Coordinate

Gannd- Membership list

Gwyn- Mail and Minutes


The next Board meeting will be on 24 June 2018, 10am, at La Madera Park.

These minutes were approved on 11 August 2018.

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