TAWN Yule/Solstice ritual 12/21/18

Our coordinator Gwyn will be leading a Wiccan Yule ritual, open to all, at La Madera Park (same one where we do cauldronlucks) beginning at 8PM Friday evening 12/21. This will not be a potluck (due to expected cold) but all will be invited to adjourn afterwards to a nearby establishment for further merrymaking. Please join us to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun God.

If you’d like to keep celebrating, SAZCUUPS is offering a potluck Yule ritual lead by the Anglo-Saxon Heathen Hearth’s Gate Kindred at 5PM on 12/22 at the UU church at 4831 E 22nd St.

A reminder, Raven’s Nest Coven will be leading TAWN’s Imbolc rite, but we need volunteers for the rest of 2019. Any Pagan tradition welcome, whether a coven or individual. Please step up and offer to help out our community!

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