Rituals – Thanks, & Volunteers NEEDED

Thanks so much to Raven’s Nest Coven for leading the Imbolc ritual on Saturday! We had 17 participants, including a few new people, and it was enjoyed by all. Good job!

We still have no volunteer for Ostara/Spring Equinox, the next upcoming celebration. PLEASE consider offering to lead a rite, or ask your contacts if they would do this one or any other throughout the year. We have someone doing Beltane, but all the others are still available. You pick the date, time, and venue. Any form of Pagan practice is welcome! One advantage of open rituals is to allow solitaries and seekers to experience differing paths and styles of practice so please step up. Individuals can lead (draft help if you wish) as well as groups. Please contact me with questions or if you’d be willing to volunteer. carol@garden-realty.com

Blessed Be!


  1. Margaret Beem

    I have been trying to email you and your server is rejecting me as spam. Can you email me so I can just reply.

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