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Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the Hearth’s Gate Kindred Yule Ritual and Winter Solstice Celebration on Saturday, December 16th, 2018.  Hearth’s Gate Kindred will also be hosting this ritual in behalf of the Tucson Area Wiccan and Pagan Network (TAWN).This will be an indoor/outdoor event, with Yule fires and merry feasting.

 The venue for the celebrations is Mystic Candle; 6546 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85710. Located on the South side of 22nd St, between Wilmot Rd and Kolb Rd. We will begin gathering between 5:15 p.m. and 6 p.m.  Ritual will open at 6 p.m..

After the opening portion of ritual, we will begin the feasting and libations.  Once the food and drink is well under way, we will begin offerings and prayers. The feasting and libations will be a potluck; so please bring along something that is of significance to your own Yule tradition.  Hot foods are encouraged.



Date: 12 November 2017

Time: 11:07 – 11:47

Meeting Notifications via: e-mail, website, yahoo


Names of Board Members present:

Coordinator: Raya Fand

Treasurer: Gannd- David Foster

Secretary Pro Temp/Member at large: Gwyn- Collette Root


Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3

Members in attendance: 4

Guests in attendance: 0


Secretary Report:

Gwyn stated what mail had been picked up and distributed.


Treasury Report:

Gannd briefed the group on the concerns of going bankrupt. Notified the group that the postal box is paid until July.

He explained his offer of his property. Carol stated that in the past there have been concerns of losing stuff on private property.


Coordinator Report:

Raya opened conversation about Spring Fest. Carol expressed concern that having a Spring Fest is overextending TAWN financially. She suggested using the park. Gannd explained that that would be subject to a million dollar bond. Patrick suggested specifying it as a potluck in TAWN’s name. Raya explained that if it is open to the public and/or advertised we would need the bond. If it were private we wouldn’t need the bond but that would mean no advertisers and no vendors. Raya asked if we wanted Spring Fest with vendors or just a ritual. Gann said that if money was the only concern, he would pay the UU fee. There was a concern that we are competition, UU might think we are poaching their members, but that it would be like a group volunteering for ritual.

For festival, it was suggested that we bring kid’s quest back. There is a bin of Kid Quest stuff from the past. Gwyn volunteered to do a scavenger hunt. Patrick is looking into Jumping Castles for the festival. The concern with jumping castles is the anchoring, but that is on the business to have insurance.

It is $400 for a weekly advertisement of the festival. The word will go out on Facebook and the forum also. There is no desire to lose money on the festival. Gwyn motioned for a vote on the date.  There were 5 ayes to 17 March and 2 that would have preferred 31 March. Vendors for Spring Fest will be contacted after a solid reservation is made.

Raya asked for volunteers for the Peace Faire. She said she would cover the cost. She also mentioned Earth Day sometime in April, and asked that people think about that event as well.

Carol forwarded the Yule information to Diana and Tish. Raya put it on the yahoo forum. Hearthgate Kindred will be hosting it at Mystic Candle on 16 December. The meet and greet will be at 5 pm with ritual slated to begin at 5:30 and offerings are encouraged. It is a potluck and as it is taking place on private property, alcohol is allowed.


A member told the group of her personal problems concerning housing. It was suggested she discuss that during the potluck.


Action List:

Raya- Find google calendar instructions, look into t-shirt and book collections.

David- Verify filing with the IRS, update the listings, update the quick reference sheets, work on reservations at UU.

Collette-Collect mail for dispersal, complete the minutes and get them approved.


The next Board meeting will be on 19 November 2017, 10am, at La Madera Park.

These minutes were approved on 26 November 2017.

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