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 Saturday, September 16th, 2017

9:00am-Fall Festival starts.

5:00pm- Fall Festival ends; tear-down starts.

6:00pm- Fall Equinox Ritual starts.


Festival Vendor Coordinator (Raya Fand) 520-622-8462 or fand1@cox.net

Email the entire TAWN Board at tawnbod@tawn.org

Download your vendor packet here!

The Tucson Area Wiccan/Pagan Network (TAWN) will be hosting Fall Festival 2017 and we invite you and your organization to participate as a vendor. The festival will be held as an indoor/outdoor event at:

Unitarian Universalist Church

4831 E 22nd Street Tucson, AZ 85711

Set-up begins at 7:00am, Saturday, September 16th, 2017; Fall Festival 2017 officially starts at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm. Tear-down starts at 5:00pm. and must be complete by 6:00pm. Booth information as follows:

Booth Fees:

             *THERE ARE NO BOOTH FEES*

  • We hope each vendor will make a monetary donation based on their profit for the day
  • All vendor space will be assigned by the order in which TAWN receives vendor applications
  • The vendor application will specify the size of space requested (default 10’ x 10’)
  • All decisions by the Vendor Coordinator are final and will be supported by the Board
  • TAWN will try to honor vendor requests but cannot guarantee to do so

Item Donation: Silent auctions are also a major fund-raiser for TAWN. Most of our vendors contribute an item valued at $50.00 or more to these fund-raising activities. TAWN displays the name of the vendor (and business card, if provided) along with the item when it is offered for raffle or auction. The vendor application form includes a space to fill in what item(s) you will be donating. The item may also be donated in person at the event. TAWN is a 501(c)3 organization and tax receipts are available for all donations.

FALL FESTIVAL 2017 Essential Vendor Times:

Saturday September 16th:

 7:00am- Setup starts for vendors; setup must be complete by 9:00am.

9:00am-Fall Festival starts.

5:00pm- Fall Festival ends; tear-down starts.

6:00pm- Fall Equinox Ritual starts.

7:30pm- (approximately) Site closes.

Additional Vendor Information

Download your vendor packet here!



  1. Vendors must follow Federal, State, and Tucson City laws and ordinances.
  2. Parking requirements: All vehicles must be removed to designated vendor parking areas between 9:00am and 6:00pm; certain vehicles are permitted to be used as selling venues if arranged in advance with TAWN. Vehicles parked inappropriately or in reserved spaces may be towed at owner expense.
  3. Electric power is available in many areas in and near the church buildings. Use of the outlets is under the direction of TAWN.
  4. TAWN bylaws and Tucson city ordinances prohibit nudity, illegal drugs, and alcohol at the event. Violators will be requested to leave and/or turned over to the Tucson Police Department.
  5. TAWN is not responsible for lost, delayed, or misdirected mail.
  6. TAWN believes that one of the keys to a successful event is for everyone involved – members, vendors, participants, guests, and visitors – to treat each other with courtesy and respect. Any inconsiderate behavior, including racial or religious slurs, will not be tolerated. Any disruptive and/or offensive behavior can result in the suspension of your vendor privileges without refund or recourse, and may also result in removal from the event.
  7. Festival ends at 5:00pm; teardown should be completed by 6:00pm. TAWN volunteers will remind vendors about this at 4:15 & 4:30pm. Please be prompt in packing up, so that our volunteers can clean the area and attend the Equinox ritual.