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Local Groups

  • Canyon View Circle Canyon View Circle is a new GLBT inclusive coven starting up in the Kingstone Tradition of British Tradition Wicca here in the Tucson area. We are opening an Outer Grove orientation on February 8th, please contact us to RSVP and for the time and directions. For more information and to contact us, please see our Witchvox page: http://www.witchvox.com/vn/vn_detail/dt_gr.html?a=usaz&id=39977
  • Coven of the Dragon Moon We started the coven about 5 years ago. We are located in the tri-community. Most of our rituals are held in San Manuel, Az. We started off as a teaching coven where people who were like minded could gather weekly and learn about Wicca. We currently have about 10 member’s our youngest member being 9-years-old.
  • Desert Henge Coven Desert Henge Coven is one of the oldest Gardnerian covens in Arizona; the coven practices British Traditional Witchcraft as interpreted by Gerald Gardner. The group is led by Shea Hermes (HPS) ladyidunn@msn.com.
  • Dearbhfine nLámha Oscailte “Family of the Open Hands” is a Sinnsreachd Tribe dedicated to the Tuatha Dé Danann and restoration of the Pact between the Gods and “Sons of Mil.” We are not an initiation system, we are a family and that entails a lifestyle in the modern built on what we know from history and the Lore. “May the roof above you never fall in, and those gathered beneath it never fall out.” ~Irish Proverb   DnLO’s Facebook Page
  • Hearths Gate Coven Hearths Gate is a eclectic Wiccan coven led by Chandra Nelson (HPS) and Diana Thacker (HPS). We are a family oriented coven and LGBTQA inclusive. For more information contact us at: Diana.L.Thacker@gmail.com.
  • Mother Earth Ministries-ATC Mother Earth Ministries-ATC is a Tucson-based neo-Pagan prison ministry. MEM’s mission is to provide accurate information about Wicca and other Pagan faiths to interested inmates and prison staff; and to facilitate Pagan prisoners’ study and practice of their religions. MotherEarthMinistries.org

* Our High Day solstice, equinox and quarter ceremonies vary in location, date and time. Using parks to the Unitarian Universalist church patio on 22nd east of Swan or the Waters of Life church on Mountain north of Fort Lowell. Call for more specific details.

* Our very public Druid Meet up is on every Wednesday at 6:30 pm at the Village Inn on Speedway just west of Columbus. Our Community Service Project is cleaning up a one mile section of the Rillito River Walk on the morning just before TAWN Cauldronlucks.

* Our Community Service Project is cleaning up a 1 mile section of the Rillito River Walk along River Road on the morning before the TAWN Cauldronlucks. Our section includes the Tucson Sun Circle. It is a city art sculpture astronomically laid out stone circle over 30+ feet across. Starting time may vary a bit due to the heat of summer generally starting at 7 am from May to October and 8 am in winter months November through April.