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Open Rituals

TAWN sponsors public ritual to celebrate the Neo-Pagan Sabbats, local groups or individuals volunteer to lead the community in celebration in their particle path / tradition.

YULE: Our coordinator Gwyn will be leading a Wiccan Yule ritual, open to all, at La Madera Park (same one where we do cauldronlucks) beginning at 8PM Friday evening 12/21. This will not be a potluck (due to expected cold) but all will be invited to adjourn afterwards to a nearby establishment for further merrymaking. Please join us to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun God.

If you’d like to keep celebrating, SAZCUUPS is offering a potluck Yule ritual lead by the Anglo-Saxon Heathen Hearth’s Gate Kindred at 5PM on 12/22 at the UU church at 4831 E 22nd St.

A reminder, Raven’s Nest Coven will be leading TAWN’s Imbolc rite, but we need volunteers for the rest of 2019. Any Pagan tradition welcome, whether a coven or individual. Please step up and offer to help out our community!

Carol Garr is TAWN’s new ritual coordinator. She requests the help of the community to volunteer to lead one of our public rites, whether for traditional Sabbats or any other celebrations you wish to share. Dates, times, and locations can be arranged around your schedule. All respectful Pagan/Heathen traditions welcome. Whether you’re solitary, or in a coven, grove, or other group only competence and reliability are required. Please contact Carol directly at carol@garden-realty.com, phone, or FB messenger.

Check the TAWN Calendar for a listing of events.