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Open Rituals

TAWN sponsors public ritual to celebrate the Neo-Pagan Sabbats, local groups or individuals volunteer to lead the community in celebration in their particle path / tradition.

Unless otherwise noted, all open rituals are held at Hippie Hill in Himmel Park, a block south of Speedway at Tucson Boulevard. Anyone wanting to volunteer to lead an open Sabbat should contact any member of the TAWN Board.

Carol Garr is TAWN’s new ritual coordinator. She requests the help of the community to volunteer to lead one of our public rites, whether for traditional Sabbats or any other celebrations you wish to share. Dates, times, and locations can be arranged around your schedule. All respectful Pagan/Heathen traditions welcome. Whether you’re solitary, or in a coven, grove, or other group only competence and reliability are required. Please contact Carol directly at carol@garden-realty.com, phone, or FB messenger.

Check the TAWN Calendar for a listing of events.

SAMHAIN RITUAL, NOVEMBER 2: Please join Carol Garr to celebrate Samhain, our honoring of the dead as well as our new year. At the last harvest the Sun God waits in the womb of rebirth, yet the wheel of the year ever turns. Please gather at Ft Lowell Park Ramada 7 (at the far eastern end of the park, in the wash down in the riparian area; see directions below) at 6PM, with ritual to begin at 6:30. We will have an altar where mementos of your beloved dead can be placed, as well as a cauldron where small items can be burned as part of the rite. Come join in the spiral dance. A potluck feast will follow.

DIRECTIONS TO SAMHAIN RITUAL, FT. LOWELL PARK RAMADA 7: Go to the intersection of Glenn and Craycroft; go east on Glenn. Pass one gate that leads into Ft. Lowell Park, then turn left (north) into the second park gate. Follow the driveway (over speed humps), then turn right into the gate leading into a parking area. At the head of the parking area is Ramada 5. The nearest restrooms are in a building somewhat to the west of the parking area. To get to the more secluded Ramada 7, follow footpaths northeast, and downward, into a lower part of the riparian area. The ramada there will be 7.