Cauldronluck Minutes


Date: 8 April 2018 Time: 11:00 – 11:29 Meeting Notifications via: e-mail, website, Yahoo

Names of Board Members present: Coordinator: April- Raya Fand
Treasurer: Gannd- David Foster
Secretary Pro Temp/Member at large: Gwyn- Collette Root
Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3
Members in attendance: 4
Guests in attendance: 1

Secretary Report:
Gwyn distributed mail that was picked up to include:
Wells Fargo bank statement, 1 piece of mail for Denise marked return to sender

Treasury Report:
Gannd provided Information on the amounts in the bank, cash box, PayPal, and deposits on hold at UUCT for festival. Storage fee paid by Raya as donation.

Coordinator Report:
Raya brought forth for discussion,
Ostara ritual at UU had 51 people in attendance. It went very well. Beltane will be at Himmel Park Saturday May 5 at 2 pm hosted by Hearth’s Gate Coven. Lammas is still available.
Fall Fest will be at the UU hosted by SAZCUUPS. It will be Wiccan based with Druid overtones. Gannd is working on seeing if it could be free for us. SAZCUUPS is doing a budget with its 7 members. We only have 11 or 12 active members. If we get a donation, we can do T-shirts. We need to put a call out for designs and if we don’t use it this year it can be used in future years. The artist does not need to be a TAWN member. The advertisements for Fall Fest are at least $400 for 1 week in the Tucson weekly and that could be higher now.
Earth Day will be Saturday April 21 from 10 to 2. Gannd said he has supplies in order for the children to make popsicle runes or poppets but will need to be reminded to bring them. Raya suggested looking in the storage unit for other activities for children and perhaps contacting Leanna to assist. Raya will get Gannd the pdf of flyers for the briefcase.
Tapestry pdf’s and possible sales were discussed without resolution.

Action List:
Raya- Get pdf’s to Gannd for printing, go to storage to look for children’s activities
Gannd- Look into Fall Fest site fees possibility of being free
Gwyn- join Raya at storage

The next Board meeting will be on 21 April immediately after Earth Day
These minutes were approved on 14 June 2018.

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