Cauldronluck Minutes



Date: 8 July, 2018

Time: 11:00 – 11:44

Meeting Notifications via: e-mail, website, Yahoo


Names of Board Members present:

Coordinator: Raya Fand

Treasurer: Gannd- David Foster

Secretary Pro Temp/Member at large: Gwyn- Collette Root

Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3

Members in attendance: 3

Guests in attendance: 0


Secretary Report:

Gwyn distributed mail that was picked up to include: bank statement, storage bill, and 2 advertisements. Older minutes are approved and will be posted.


Treasury Report:

Gannd provided Information on the amounts in the bank, cash box, PayPal, and deposits on hold at UUCT for festival. Raya pays the storage fee. The Ramada fee is $15 each time and is usually paid 6 months to 1 year in advance. Gannd is working on donations and food trucks. Gannd continues to work with SAZCUUPS on getting a break on the site fees and to get members to come to the event.


Coordinator Report:

April continued discussion on needing more PR announcements. We have the TAWN website, the Yahoo group aka the Forum, and Facebook. Gwyn suggested maybe using Meetup. Tish is the point of contact to do major media.

Patrick setup a fundraiser for TAWN on Facebook for his birthday. Other fundraiser ideas included or maybe gofundme.

Carol stated that Lammas and potluck will be hosted by Raven at Himmel Park on July 29 from 6-8pm with a potluck afterwards. The Mabon ritual will take place after the Fall Festival at the UU church hosted by SAZCUUPS. Samhain will be hosted by Carol Friday November 2 location TBD. Yule needs a host.

April opened the floor for nominations. Nominations close at August Cauldronluck and the votes must be in at or before Fall Fest. Carol nominated Gwyn for Coordinator and Gannd 2nd. Gwyn accepted the nomination. Jenn nominated April for coordinator. April declined. Gwyn nominated April for Secretary, Carol 2nd, and April accepted the nomination. April nominated Leanna for Member at Large and Gwyn 2nd. Leanna will need to accept the nomination to be on the ballot.


Action List:

April- Verify positions (Coordinator, Secretary, and Member at Large) for the vote, send an invite to Gwyn on the forum, contact Diana with questions about the website, contact herpetology organization.

Gannd- Update membership list and send out to the board, continue contact with food vendors for Fall Fest, continue contact with UU on event site price and possible ad in the UU newsletter, verify current open positions as Coordinator, Member at Large and Secretary.

Gwyn- Post the minutes, complete minutes for approval, get the briefcase to April before the Lammas ritual, and locate meetup cost information.


The next Board meeting will be on 22 July 2018, 10am, at La Madera Park.

These minutes were approved on 11 August 2018.

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