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Ritual Update

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We still have problems getting volunteers for our open rituals, though thankfully some of the ones in 2020 have been promised. No one stepped forward to lead Imbolc for TAWN, and the sabbat is rapidly approaching. Several covens are doing private rites on 2/1 and SAZCUUPS public one is the same date. As I strongly feel that TAWN should offer SOMETHING I have decided to do Imbolc for TAWN on Sunday, Feb 2nd at noon, at Kennedy Park (Mission/Ajo). I will update the location, likely just north of the library on the corner, within a couple of days.

We still need someone for Ostara/Spring Equinox, though I have had some tentative inquiries. Hearths Gate Coven will do Beltane again, complete with Maypole. Desert Henge Coven has agreed to lead Litha. Lammas/Lughnassadh still needs a volunteer. Patrick and I have agreed to lead the ritual at Fall Fest on Sept 19th.