TAWN Imbolc Sunday Feb 2nd

Sorry for the late notice, but Carol Garr will lead an Imbolc ritual for TAWN on Sunday, Feb 2nd at Kennedy Park Ramada 2. It’s just north of the library at Ajo Way & Mission Rd, and is on bus lines for those without cars. Gather at noon for a ritual starting at 12:30. See you there.

I have paid to reserve the ramada with Parks & Rec, so if anyone not part of our group is present when I arrive to set up I will ask them to leave.

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  1. Pete Gamble

    Hi. My name is Pete Gamble. I would like to attend this function with you tomorrow. I have no experience with this sphere of endeavor but am eager to learn. I am a full-time wheelchair user so I should be easy to spot. I just went by the location, Ramada #2 of Kennedy Park and it looks like some people are camping there. I am wondering if you have an alternate location in case that Ramada is still occupied. The reason I am curious about this event is because I have been reading an author you may know, Carolyn Emerick. The focus of her work is Folk practices and European traditions before Christianity. Her website is folkfaith.org

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