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TAWNS 30TH Annual Fall Festival

Sept 16, 2017 9am-5pm with ritual at 6:00pm at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22nd St.



June 11, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Raya (Coordinator) at 11:38. Seven people were present, including Board members Raya, David, Raymond, and Patrick. As carol Garr knew she would be absent, she emailed in her vote for the bylaw amendment.

Secretary’s report: The only mail received this month was one mis-addressed letter, sent to our P O Box number but to a different recipient. We marked it Return To Sender, not at this address, and will turn it in at the post office.

Treasurer’s Report: Bank balance $1192.80, Quarters $10.00, Cash on hand $25.50, PayPal (not yet received) $18.00, and UU Church deposit $150.00, for a total of $1414.96. We also have an outstanding pledge for up to $300.00 to cover the cost of the Fall Fest T-shirts.

Ritual Report: Midsummer will be June 17th as previously announced. Shea has confirmed that Desert Henge Coven will lead the Fall Fest (Mabon) ritual. All rituals this year are now spoken for.

Bylaw Voting: We held the bylaw election next, as the results would affect the remainder of the meeting. As proposed last month by David and seconded by Carol Garr, it reads: In the event that the total paid TAWN membership falls to thirteen or less, then the term limits on TAWN Board positions will not apply. It will be an addition to the bylaw placing term limits on Board positions, if passed. When the vote was called, it passed unanimously.

Elections: We have six Board positions open for election this year: Vice Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Members at Large. One of the Members at Large and the Secretary will be for one-year terms, based on people vacating or taking over other positions on the Board. Assuming a full Board (7 people) is elected and serve their full terms, the vacant positions next year will be Coordinator, Secretary, and one member at Large. David and Raymond are willing to rerun for their positions as Treasurer and Member at Large (2 year term), respectively.

Fall Fest:

THEME: By a seven-to-two vote, we elected the theme “There’s Always Something Brewing…For Thirty Years” as the 2017 theme. Local artist Gwenavir Tigue will present her artwork next month. Also, her daughter Tangerine will volunteer to do the paperwork and logistics of the silent auction and raffle.

FOOD: Burgerito is not coming to Fall Fest. Since we have no on-site food vendor, Joe Elliot has volunteered to collect delivery menus from restaurants in the area.

SIGNAGE: All of our wooden signs would need refurbishing if they were to be used at Fall Fest. Of our metal signs, two are in good shape and one barely adequate. Our two banners are both still usable.

Raymond moved that TAWN buy two more metal signs. Joe Elliot amended the motion to put a maximum expenditure of $200.00 on the purchase. Raymond agreed to the amendment, and the motion passed unanimously as amended.

MEMBERSHIP: Since we will have membership discounts available, we need membership cards. Joe Elliot will put together artwork and order cards from VistaPrint. David can laminate themat Fall Fest, and at his office during the year. Patrick pledged up to $20.00 to cover the printing cost.

Closing: The upcoming Board of Directors meeting is June 25th, and the next Cauldronluck is July 9th. We adjourned at 12:08 to introductions and networking.




Cauldronluke Minutes 

May 21, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Raya (Coordinator) at 11:07. Four people were present, including Board members Raya, and David. Patrick arrived late, Raymond sent an email and was excused due to a schedule conflict.

Secretary’s report: No mail has been received since the last distribution.

Treasurer’s Report: The bank balance of $864.66 + $500.00 undeposited donation + $35.90 cash + $150.00 UU deposit = $1540.56 total assets. Ramada is paid through next November. PO Box is paid but the check has not yet cleared the bank; the storeroom will be paid monthly at $61.76 per month. We have two uncollected pledges for Fall Fest, one for the cost of the T-shirts (not to exceed $300.00) and another for a flat $300.00. Our IRS tax form 1099 has been filed, and the annual Corporation Commission report has not yet but will be due soon.

Ritual Report was skipped as Raymond was absent.

Fall Fest:

THEME – We had two themes presented, and we will vote next month to determine which one we will use. Neither one has artwork available yet, but both presenters described what the accompanying T-shirt design would look like. One theme is “Walking in Beauty”; the artwork for it would be the God and Goddess walking through a forest scene. The second theme is “There’s Always Something Brewing…For 30 Years”. The suggested artwork for this one is a bubbling cauldron with a broomstick propped up against it.

FOOD – We have no food arranged yet, other than the usual bake sale. Patrick will contact Burgerito, who was at the last Fall Fest, to see if they will come again. In case they won’t, Joe Elliot will gather delivery menus from restaurants close to the UU Church.

VENDORS – Tish is unwilling to serve as vendor coordinator, although she will review the revised vendor application that Patrick is working on. Raya volunteered to fill in the gap. Patrick will finish editing the vendor application, and submit it to the Board and Tish for reviews.

ELECTIONS – Under our current bylaws, every Board position except Coordinator is either vacant, filled by a member who has reached the term limit, or filled by a member who has declined to run again. We will follow the timeline from the bylaws: announce vacancies in June, accept nominations in July, start voting in August, close voting and tally results in September, and install the new Board during the Annual Meeting at Fall Fest.

MOTION: Two of our current Board members are up against term limits, but would be willing to run again if that we not the case. In view of this, David made the following motion, which was seconded by Carol Garr. It will be an addition to the bylaw placing term limits on Board positions, if passed. In the event that the total paid TAWN membership falls to thirteen or less, then the term limits on TAWN Board positions will not apply. We will announce the proposed bylaw change on the Forum and vote on it next month.

T-SHIRTS – Thanks to the generosity of the pledge above, we will have T-shirts for sale at this Fall Fest. Twisted Weasel is no longer in business, so we will return to our

former vendor Aladdin. After our vote next month, we will find an artist to create the artwork for them. Patrick will ask his daughter Gwenavir to do this, and he says he is almost certain she will accept.

We adjourned for introductions at 11:59, with six people present.


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