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  Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the Hearth’s Gate Kindred Yule Ritual and Winter Solstice Celebration on Saturday, December 16th, 2018.  Hearth’s Gate Kindred will also be hosting this ritual in behalf of the Tucson Area Wiccan and Pagan Network (TAWN). This will be an indoor/outdoor event, with Yule fires and merry feasting.

The venue for the celebrations is Mystic Candle; 6546 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85710. Located on the South side of 22nd St, between Wilmot Rd and Kolb Rd. We will begin gathering between 5:15 p.m. and 6 p.m.  Ritual will open at 6 p.m.. After the opening portion of ritual, we will begin the feasting and libations.  Once the food and drink is well under way, we will begin offerings and prayers.

The feasting and libations will be a potluck; so please bring along something that is of significance to your own Yule tradition.  Hot foods are encouraged.


Date: 8 October 2017
Time: 11:00 – 11:52
Meeting Notifications via: e-mail/website

Names of Board Members present:
Coordinator: Raya Fand
Treasurer: David Foster (Gaand)
Secretary Pro-Temp: Collette Root (Gwyn)

Quorum established: Yes/3 of 3
Members in attendance: 6
Guests in attendance: 2 children

Treasury Report:
Fall Festival revenue in whole was discussed and profit estimated. Donations were made to cover the losses on T-shirts. Storage was paid but costs have been increased. Checks were deposited. Gaand donated a waterproof lock for storage and will make another key for the secretary which will result in all board members in possession of a storage key.

Secretary Report:
Minutes were approved. Secretary’s box received. Mail checked was distributed by both Gwyn and, when he arrived, by Raymond. He then turned in his copy of the box key which was given to the treasurer resulting in all board members in possession of a box key. The problem with the P.O. Box number on the membership application was discovered when Gwyn tried to check box 41982. Communication with Raya showed the correct box to be 41082. The post office was notified of the issue and a note placed on the incorrect box as to the forwarding of TAWN mail. Gwyn will contact the box officer when he is in on Tuesday and request forwarding services for the maximum allowable time. Gaand will be updating the membership applications. He will also create and distribute a clean membership list as well as a group list.

Points of Discussion:
Raya called for a ritual coordinator. Carol Garr answered the call. Gratitude was expressed by the board. Various aspects of the position were discussed. Communications issues were discussed with referrals to Tish and Diana as points of contact. Yule ritual has a volunteer group of which Raymond is a part. The location is to be at Mystic Candle. They request that the presence of alcohol be venue specific. While alcohol at rituals held in parks are not allowed, those held on private property are allowable. A request that the “Code of Ethics” be changed to the “Code of Conducts.” A formal vote will be held at the November cauldronluck meeting.

Raya called for a new editor for Tapestry. The call was met with silence. She also called for an education coordinator. Discussion of how education events occurred in the past were discussed. Suggestions of allowing the teacher to choose the day and venue were put forth. Gwyn said to ask her again in January when she should be adjusted to her new schedule.

The next board meeting will be 21 October in La Madera Park at 10am.

Action List:
Raya- ? (Somehow I didn’t note them, might have been something on communications with Tish and/or Diana)

David- Create and distribute a clean membership list and a group list. Put the new lock on storage and make another key for the secretary. Update the membership applications.

Collette- Complete the minutes and get them approved. Call the box officer and request the maximum forwarding of TAWN mail to the correct box.

Carol- Contact groups and locate volunteer groups for the year’s rituals.

These minutes were approved on 12 November 2017.

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